With NHLS™, you’ll never duplicate data entry again, helping you match the right buyer with the perfect home faster than ever.

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New Home Listing Service (NHLS™)

One Enhanced Platform for All Your Online Listings & Leads.

Listing Management

One site for listing management–integrated information and everything you need to manage content in one central place.

Listing Management


One site to distribute listings – update listings across numerous real estate advertising sites, with no technology requirement (it’s already done for you).

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Lead Management

One site to aggregate and distribute leads – capture leads and connect them to your favorite CRM tool only once, saving you time and cost.

Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website


Your Central Source to Distribute Listings

NHLS serves as your command center for new home listings. An intuitive builder dashboard provides easy access to web activity, listing performance, bulk updates, and content options. With multiple user accounts, you can empower your team to improve the accuracy and impact of every listing.

Easy Content Management

With over 240 fields of information, and property details categorized by city and community, you can ensure consistency and accuracy for every marketing channel (even your website). Quick access to builder inventory helps you easily add or polish listings, filterable by “Recently Updated” and “Recent Project” views.

Seamless Distribution

Easily reach more buyers by syndicating – by “community” or per listing – to multiple real estate sources at the same time. View channel partners in one place, with clear details on which listings are syndicated to each. All the connections are done for you! We can link each listing to your website OR provide you with a syndication channel, allowing your team to connect the data to your site based on your own design.

API Integration

Seamless integration with your builder management system means no duplication of effort. Data can be automatically created via direct connection to your existing system. An easy-to-use data import tool takes care of all remaining fields. Want to upload manually? We can help with that, too.

Lead Aggregation

No more visiting and managing numerous sites to find your buyer leads. NHLS aggregates your leads from all advertising channels into one central place. Direct integration into your chosen CRM saves you time and money on tech costs. Constellation clients get an extra perk – they can easily integrate buyer leads into their other Constellation solutions.

Analytic Data

View analytics based on a single view of your listings and leads, with detailed data organized by project and community. Easily compare channel effectiveness and improve decision making on advertising spend. Google Analytics also provides site traffic and performance filterable by channel partner.

Social Media Engagement

Tap into the power of social media engagement to drive more traffic to your listings. We offer sponsored ads and impressions on NHLS Facebook and Instagram, free social media performance insights, Tweets, and LinkedIn mentions, and Houzz projects for your top – performing listings.

Other Benefits

  • 24/7 Chat Support to support builder with questions

  • Unlimited Media Link Uploads for images and video content enrichment
  • NHLS Social Influencer Program including weekly posts and shares across our social platforms
  • Access to NewHomeListingService.com our complimentary marketing site connecting builders, buyers, and agents to help you sell more homes



You’re one step away from reaching thousands of home buyers. Don’t miss your chance to get noticed. Create your Builder Account and get started today.

NHLS™ aggregates everything a builder needs to simplify their market effort. They can integrate and create listings automatically, highlight additional features using over 240 possible data fields and then distribute listings out to other marketing channels all from one place – only entering the data once. They can even manage their leads from all marketing channels in the same location.

NHLS™ is helping builders spend less time on updating and more time on what really matters.

Milo Anderson

Director and Founder

Milo Anderson

Director and Founder of New Home Listing Service