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Why Kijiji.ca?

Kijiji is the first marketplace in Canada to enable millions of Canadians to shop locally and sustainably. We span across over 400 categories from Home, Real Estate, Tech, Jobs and more on our app. Kijiji is a leading destination for Real Estate in Canada, including a #1 position in Real Estate rentals.


Why Kijiji.ca?

Kijiji is for All

Our marketplace draws every type of Canadian

Kijiji is for all
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Top ten reasons why visitors come to Kijiji

Top ten reasons why visitors come to Kijiji
Lionel Romain's quote

Lionel Romain

Commercial Operations Manager for Kijiji Real Estate

“We’re excited to welcome home builders to Kijiji.ca through the NHLS platform! Members can easily post high-quality, fully branded listings on Kijiji through an industry tailored syndication service. Members will gain access to millions of monthly visitors with just a few clicks!

Kijiji Real Estate helps owners, builders, and agents advertise their properties on Canada’s first marketplace. In addition to syndicated listings from NHLS, fully targeted media campaigns are available to amplify your exposure on Kijiji. Visit business.kijiji.ca to connect with one of our digital media experts.”

Jeremy Halbert

Vice President for Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

“We’re thrilled to be able to share this important strategic partnership with homebuilders. It has been challenging times for new homebuilders, builders will need to get more innovative to promote their homes as broadly as possible. Builders should advertise listings to as many potential home buyers as they can, prioritizing sites that consumers visit frequently. We are committed to empowering builders with digital tools to simplify this process and help builders sell as many homes as possible.

It is extremely time consuming for builders to accurately list their new homes online and managing different channels is difficult. We help builders not only push new listings directly to their own website, but we can also automate the process to push that same information to as many 3rd party online Real Estate listing channels as possible such as Kijiji, realtor.com and our very own NewHomesListingService.com. All of this ensures that builders are getting as much exposure as possible. This entire solution is a great example of Constellation’s long-term dedication to homebuilding innovation to deal with the complex process of selling homes.

Jeremy Halbert's quote